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Welcome to YouthCUE

YouthCUE is the premier student choir resource in North America. YouthCUE provides innovative programming and resources to foster and promote the development of student choirs in churches and schools across the continent.

Upcoming Programs

  • Nation's Capital
  • International Chorus
  • Labor Day at the Cathedral
  • Choral Ambassadors
Nation's Capital Festival 2011 Nation's Capital Festival Concert

2015 Nation's Capital Festival of Youth Choirs


This Festival offers participants a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity of singing in one of the premiere venues in the United States, the Washington National Cathedral. Rehearsals take place in the heart of Washington, DC at the historic National City Christian Church.

YouthCUE purposefully schedules generous amounts of free time each afternoon during the Festival week to allow participating choirs to engage in their own activities.

Participation in this Festival is limited to 300 singers.

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International Chorus 2012 International Chorus

2015 International Chorus

International Chorus

YouthCUE's International Chorus enlists and trains its finest high school sophomores, juniors and seniors for service to their fellowman in Canada and beyond through choral excellence, dynamic leadership education and cross-cultural mission projects.

International Chorus in 2015 will travel to Montreal and Quebec City in Canada, where participants will engage in life-changing singing, missions and leadership opportunities.

Participation in the 2015 International Chorus is limited to 45 singers.

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Labor Day at the Cathedral 2013 Labor Day at the Cathedral Concert

2015 Labor Day at the Cathedral

Labor Day at the Cathedral

Labor Day at the Cathedral is YouthCUE's premier choral event for adult singers. Taking place annually at the Washington National Cathedral, one of the nation's most revered venues, this event offers participating singers with a "once in a lifetime" choral experience.

Labor Day at the Cathedral is accompanied by members of the local professional symphony orchestra.

Participation in this event is limited to 300 singers.

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Choral Ambassadors 2009 International Chorus

2016 Choral Ambassadors

Choral Ambassadors

Choral Ambassadors enlists the finest university students and graduates in educational travel abroad, equipping them in issues of cross-cultural communications, engaging them in peace and justice dialog, and preparing them for world-class choral performances in internationally-renowned venues.

Ambassadors chosen for the 2016 program will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland.

Participation in the 2016 Choral Ambassadors is limited to 36 singers.

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